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Dripping, Leaking and Burst Pipe Repair

A burst pipe is a homeowner’s nightmare, an unexpected occurrence that can strike at any time, be it day or night. When confronted with such an issue, swift action is imperative to mitigate further water-related harm.

The primary concern when a pipe bursts on your premises is the water damage it poses and the safety of the occupants. Pipe ruptures can occur anywhere, leading to water seepage through floors and walls, resulting in damp ceilings, moisture patches, standing water, and other telltale signs of water leakage. Without immediate professional intervention, this could inflict extensive harm to your property’s structural integrity, as well as your furniture and personal possessions.

Moreover, it may extend its impact to the vicinity of your property, allowing water to infiltrate other areas of your residence, potentially endangering you and your family’s well-being.

tees plumbing - plumbing services

Blocked Sinks

A blocked sink can swiftly transform into a household nightmare, regardless of whether it’s your kitchen sink or bathroom sink. The plumbing associated with your sinks is typically interconnected with other vital components, such as washing machines, dishwashers, or essential pieces of bathroom or kitchen furniture. Consequently, these interconnected fixtures may also become nonfunctional, posing a risk of further property damage until you enlist professional assistance to clear the sink blockage.

When you observe your kitchen or bathroom sink draining at a slower pace than usual or emitting a foul odor from the drain, these are common indicators of a sink blockage. These signs suggest an accumulation of debris and obstructions, which not only has the potential to fully obstruct your sink but can also serve as a breeding ground for unsavory germs.

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Blocked Toilet, Baths & Showers

We often receive calls about this plumbing emergency, which ranks among the most frequently encountered problems. Consequently, we can arrange for you to consult with specialists skilled in resolving toilet blockages.

Toilet blockages and obstructions stem from various factors, encompassing instances where objects are forcibly introduced into the system, resulting in a blockage. These objects can range from excessive toilet paper and sanitary products to baby wipes and other items. Alternatively, toilet blockages may arise due to the gradual accumulation of waste materials over time, necessitating a more comprehensive repair.

Blocked bathtubs and showers can be attributed to a diverse range of issues, including the buildup of hair and soap scum. These blockages can also be linked to airlocks or complications in the plumbing system’s configuration and connections.

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